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A Mafia romance, stalker romance, with steamy sex scenes and a jealous/possessive hero.


Be prepared to be taken on a journey of Secrets and Lies.

Knife Play
Jealous/Possessive Hero
Praise Kink


There’s a reason I use the service I use to have a woman. I can be select; I can choose exactly what I want when I want it.

What I didn’t choose was the curvy redhead standing in my kitchen, rolling her eyes at my use of an instruction manual.

She’s about to learn there’s a good reason for that manual, and I’m about to teach her that everything in it is for her own good.

What I didn’t expect was for her to teach me.

That everything in that manual is obsolete because all I will ever really need is her.


Oscar O’Connell is hot as hell, dark as sin, and obsessive enough to drive anyone to insanity.

A simple job to earn quick money turns into me falling in love with a man determined never to feel.

But when I finally start to break down his carefully structured walls, the secrets start coming out, and everyone knows there’s a fine line between secrets and lies; I only hope we haven’t destroyed everything we’ve created.

WARNING: This book contains triggers. It has sensitive and explicit storylines such as graphic sexual scenes, violence, stalker tendencies, and strong language. It is recommended for readers aged eighteen and over.

Oscar - Secrets And Lies Book 5 (Discreet Cover)

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