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Book 2 Secrets and Lies Series

A second chance Mafia romance, secret baby, jealous/possessive hero with steamy sex scenes. 

Be prepared to be taken on a journey of Secrets and Lies.



They see me as the fun one. The playboy, party animal. What they don’t see is the real me. Fractured, broken beyond repair. She did, she saw it all and loved me anyway. But I pushed her away—the worst mistake of my life and I’ve hated myself every day since. But when the stars align and an opportunity to bring her back into my life arises, I decide I’m not letting her go this time… only it’s not just her anymore.



He broke my heart into a million pieces. His actions had devastating consequences, so I moved on, and built a better life for myself hoping to forget Con O’Connell. But fate has a different plan and when he shows up at my door once again we’re swept back into our history, the good and the bad. I have no choice but to seek protection in the very tortured shadow of my past.


WARNING: This book contains triggers. It contains sensitive and explicit storylines such as domestic abuse, mental health issues, sexual scenes with dubious consent and strong language. Recommended for readers aged eighteen and over.

CON Secrets and Lies Series Book 2 is a standalone book.

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