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Book 3 Secrets and Lies Series

Mafia, Second-chance Romance, Jealous/Possessive Hero, Triggers.



My ‘Angel’ disappeared from my life when I needed her the most. Gone. Left me for no reason. My heart shattered, the longing for her consuming me.When I track her down nine years later, she’s not the same girl she once was. Gone is the sweet, innocent blond I fell in love with. Now replaced with a cherry red, tattooed woman with a foul mouth. But I don’t care. She’s mine. Always has been, always will be. But it’s not just her anymore… She has secrets. Lies. What is she running from? And why won’t she let me protect her?I  refuse to let her run from us anymore. Secrets have a way of coming out. I just hope we’re strong enough to survive them.



When I wake in a hospital bed after a stupid mistake, the last thing I thought I’d see was Finn O’Connell staring down at me. The man I left. The man whose heart I broke. The man who is dangerous to be around. He doesn’t care that I’m not the innocent girl I was when we were young. He doesn’t care about the scars I carry inside and out. The only thing he cares about is us becoming a family. I can’t let him get close. There’s too much at risk. Too many secrets and lies to be revealed. But when the only man I’ve ever loved makes me an offer I can’t refuse, it leads to devastating consequences, putting everything I’ve ever cared about in jeopardy.

Can we pull together and survive the secrets and lies? Or will the truth tear us apart?


WARNING: This book contains triggers. It has sensitive and explicit storylines such as strong sexual violence, sexual scenes with dubious consent, graphic violence and strong language. It is recommended for readers aged eighteen and over.

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