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Love In Brutal Devotion
(The Brutal Duet Book 2)


Love. I’m in love with not just one man but three. Three brutally devoted men determined to make me theirs one way or another.

Jace, the gentle boy I fell in love with, is no more. In his place is Rage, my lovers’ brother. He’s angry, jealous and brutal.

Can he accept me and my relationship, or will his devotion to me tear us apart?

And what happens when he uncovers my truth, and my life is thrown into turmoil?

Lucas holds secrets, and his determination to keep me is risking everything we’ve built.
And Cole? Cole is willing to accept it all just to be with me, even if it means hurting us in the process.

What happens when the one thing that means the most to me becomes at risk?

Can my men stay devoted and love me when I need them the most, or will they destroy us, unable to accept one another?

Our love is brutal, but it’s filled with devotion.


Love In Brutal Devotion is Book 2 in a MFMM Why Choose duet.

This book is dark romance with mature themes and triggers. The book is for ages eighteen and over.

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