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BJ Alpha

I live in the UK with my hubby. Known as Johnny. My two teenage boys and three small dogs.

According to my mum I've always had a great imagination. 🤣
I'm just not sure she realised how dark that imagination would become. 

I've always had a love of reading and writing. So when the opportunity arose with with Cygnet ladies, I thought... "lets see what I can do." 

When I'm not writing I'm taking my kids to various clubs. I love nothing more that chilling with a good book and a cup of tea.

My Books

Currently I have released CAL Book 1 in the Secrets and Lies Series. This is a mafia romance story.
My second release was 'Born Reckless' a Dark High School Romance.

Followed by my second book in the Secret and Lies Series, CON.

In July this year I released FINN, the third instalment of the Secrets and Lies Series 

with BREN, book four of the Secrets and Lies Series following in September 2022.

Please explore the site for more information on these books.

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