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As the story continues for Tia and her men, can her recently extended family support her in a quest for justice and peace. Or will their determination for vengeance be at everyone’s detriment.

A STORM is brewing, unveiling secrets and lies in its wake.
It will be brutal, but we’ll be ready.

They’re a brother down . . .
But I’m free.
Though, am I really?
How far do the lies travel? How many more secrets can we withstand?
With new allies by our side, we’re safe. But what happens when the lies unraveling become our downfall.
What happens when Lucas’s quest for vengeance turns brutal.
Can we all remain devoted forever?

*This book is part of a series. You need to read all other books in the series before this book.
This book is a dark why-choose MMFM romance. It ends with a HEA.

Brutal Lies: (The Brutal Duet Part Ⅱ Book II)

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