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About BJ Alpha

Who Is BJ Alpha?

So a little about myself to get us started...
I began this journey during the original lockdown. My favourite author TL Swan had started a writing group for aspiring authors. The Cygnets. 

In the group we encourage and support each other with Tee acting as our mentor. 

Tee produced countless videos and engaged with us daily. She's helped create an abundance of new authors and supported current ones. 

I created my pen-name BJ Alpha with the help of my hubby. The B represents my actual name. The J represents my hubbys and well the Alpha part is a joke in the family, about a film. Can anyone guess what film? A clue is in my Born Reckless book. So you might have to wait, until you've read...?

After being pulled off the ledge a hundred times by the Cygnet girls I finally managed to pull it off... Im officially a published author!
My debut book CAL was released on 18th of November 2021. 
My second book Born Reckless, a Dark High School Romance.

Followed by CON Book 2 in the Secrets and Lies 

FINN Book 3 in the Secrets and Lies Series

BREN Book 4 in the Secrets and Lies Series

Oscar Book 5 in the Secrets and Lies Series.

Hidden in Brutal Devotion is a Why Choose Dark Romance duet (Book 1)

Love in Brutal Devotion is a Why Choose Dark Romance duet (Book 2)


BJ's Reckless Readers

BJ's Reckless Readers is a Facebook group set up primarily for readers and authors to share a love of reading.

Hopefully some inside information and news. Along with some fun and naughty topics.
An open mind and complete Recklessness is a must!
Join us in the group!


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